Unknown - Pegasus Device
Hey Ocean - Big Blue Wave
Unknown - MyLittlePonyAlexSremix
Tellab - Vision of Loyalty
H8_Seed+Glaze - Awoken
ponyphonic - The Moon Rises
Unknown - H A W T W
General Mumble - Perfect
Sweetie Bot - Want You Gone
Elie Monty - Das Cider Hoof
Two Steps From Hell - Exodus
Music By Octavia - My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Theme
Eileen Montgomery - I Am Octavia {Titanium Parody] ~ EileMonty
Two Steps From Hell - Adventures Of Enchantment
Eurobeat Brony - Discord (EuroChaos Mix) ft. Odyssey
Two Steps From Hell - Battle Of Dark vs Light
ponyphonic - Air Song
Lectro Dub - Trixie
Two Steps From Hell - Horrors And Enchantments
Christopher Garcia - Come Little Children
WBAT is a music service for the members of the MLP roleplaying community. We have a rotation of DJ's with styles ranging from Celtic, Goth, Metal, Techno, Rock, Punk, and more. Shows run almost every night during US prime time, and well into the early mornings. When no DJ is on duty, an automated stream will run.

Alona Flare

Alona offers a mash up of varying music, ranging anywhere from blood pumping heavy metal, classic lighter inducing rock n roll favorites, to bass dropping Dubstep tracks. Having no set style of music makes this mare easy to adapt to your musical needs, and she will often take suggestions from the audience, so don't be afraid to throw out some ideas!


The Time Lady of WBAT, Diera's specialty is her weekly "Storytime" events. Her signature series are the Big Finish audio productions of new Doctor Who adventures, though she's been known to play other series as well. Diera has been part of the team since we started back in the days of EverQuest 1.


Moondancer occasionally visits Club Abyss to share her love of synth-pop and other nerdy forms of music, but also likes to turn things around by playing songs exceptionally sensual and wild. She is an occasional guest DJ who can be counted on to bring the oddness.

Pinkie Pie

Pinkie Pie is our newest DJ-in-training. Pinkie hasn't had a chance yet to strut her stuff, so her exact style of music is going to be some kind of pure insanity we can't even begin to speculate on. Expect hi-jinks and trickeration!

Rainbow Beats

Rainbow Beats is one of WBAT's newest DJs. This kirin has a penchant for synthpop and bouncy, dance-able tunes, though she may surprise you by occasionally straying into classic rock, electro-swing, or even old standards. Her sets are always lively and fun-spirited.


Shank runs WBAT and has been at the controls since the days of EverQuest 1. He inherited station from Diera almost 10 years ago, and has been running it since. Shank only DJs infrequently these days due to his busy schedule.